HDPHARMA donated essential medical items to fight against Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic broke out globally, millions of people committed positive, thousands of deaths reported and no signs of the pandemic getting over are foreseen. In Vietnam, the number of cases is increasing rapidly day by day and there is a high risk of community infection. It is predicted that the disease will spread rapidly on a large scale, seriously threatening human life, human health, and socio-economic of the country.

At the peak of the fight against the pandemic, security of essential medical supplies is of the highest priority not only for the local citizens but also for nationwide society. As the leading pharmaceutical producer in the province, HDPHARMA strives to increase production output days and nights to ensure supplies to the market. In addition, HDPHARMA’s realization of social mission is never forgotten.

On March, 20th, 2020, HDPHARMA – represented by Ms Nguyen Thi Tu Anh, General Director, sponsored 26 packages of products including 560 bottles of mouthwash HB, 576 bottles of hand sanitizer Dr Herbal to express its goodwill to give one hand in the national fight against Covid-19. Mr Nguyen Quang Phuc – Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front of Hai Duong province came and received at the warehouse of HDPHARMA and immediately distributed the donated goods to the pandemic-affected areas.

Representative of HDPHARMA – Ms Nguyen Thi Tu Anh and representative of the Fatherland Front – Mr Nguyen Quang Phuc at the warehouse of the company

On the same day, the representatives of HDPHARMA also contributed 1000 items of hand sanitizer Dr.Herbal with the cost of 100 million Vietnam dong, produced and distributed by the company, to the People’ Committee of Hai Duong Province.

Ms Nguyen Thi Tu Anh – General Director of HDPHARMA

Representative of the People’s Committee of Hai Duong Province received donated goods by HDPHARMA

Donation of essential medical items for the frontline force against the pandemic:

On April, 1st, another package of donated goods including 200 bottles of hand sanitation gel with the cost of 20 million VND was sent to the Fatherland Front Committee of Hai Duong province. The Chairman and General Director of HDPHARMA handed over the goods to Mr Huynh Tuan Duong – Deputy Chairman of the committee.

HDPHARMA joins hand with the Fatherland Front of Hai Duong province in the battle against Covid 19

Donation of essential medical items for the frontline force against the pandemic:

HDPHARMA wants to spread the message of “Belief in goodness” and calls for social efforts in implementation of preventive measures, building of healthy life styles, good habits to stay safe during the pandemic.