Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long – The Deputy Minister of Health visit the HDPHARMA

It is an honor for HDPHARMA to welcome Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long – The Deputy Minister of Health, during his visit to the company’s headquarters on November, 16th, 2016.

Field tours are organized by the Ministry of Health to enhance the state supervision on food safety. On November, 16th, 2016, the Delegates led by the Deputy Minister – Prof. Dr Nguyen Thanh Long, paid a visit and inspected the food safety activities in Hai Duong province.

Hai Duong Pharmaceutical Medical Material JSC (HDPHARMA) is one of the companies, chosen by People’s Committee of Hai Duong Province to welcome the Delegates from The Ministry, The Department of Food Safety and the Heads of other related Departments in the province.

With more than 55 years of experience and good standing in pharmaceutical products, nutritional and dietary supplements manufacturing, HDPHARMA is considered to be the province pioneer in food safety and hygiene

Mr Nguyen Thanh Long attended the meeting and learnt about HDPHARMA achievements in production, distribution and observation of food safety legal regulations.

The Delegates also visited the Plant no.2 at Cam Thuong industrial zone in Hai Duong city. They made a plant tour of the manufacturing facility where nutritional and dietary supplements such as Kidsjan, 3beepro are produced.

During the visit, all employees of HDPHARMA expressed their commitment for continuous improvement following company’s motto “High quality – Bright future”.

Mr Nguyen Thanh Long touring the production line of nutritional and dietary supplements
Mr Nguyen Thanh Long had a discussion with HDPHARMA employees
Mr Nguyen Thanh Long and Mrs Nguyen Thi Tu Anh – HDPHARMA President had a conversation
A memorable picture of the Delegates at HDPHARMA.