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Trusted Shops manages these pages automatically in order to comply with legal requirements. Generate the legal texts of your website with these fully updated and free templates for your professional or personal project. The convenience of using Legal Box Plus` Legal Notice and Legal Text Generator, which allows any update you make in the Legal Box tool to automatically update the legal texts on your website when you have nothing else to do, is not only a time saver, but also a certainty of not worrying about the legal texts of your website or your e-commerce. Generate completely FREE legal texts for your website in accordance with the guidelines of the current GDPR. If all of these questions scare you, chances are your website or ecommerce legal documents aren`t what they should, so you`d better keep reading. Legal Text Generator not only creates your texts, but also automatically adds them to the corresponding pages of your website without using other tools. No, Legal Text Builder is not available for creator websites. As the saying goes, “shoemaker to your shoe” Legal Box Plus is the generator of legal notices. How does it work? Well, very simply, the Legal Box tool asks you in different windows for data and information about the purposes of the data you collect, the applications you use, the features of your website or e-commerce and all the details about your website, so that you use the legal notice generator and your website is legal and free of penalties. The generators we use are part of one of the most common requirements and must be in order in a simple way. However, if your project is much more complex, it is necessary to be able to manage it with the help of a professional specialized in GDPR. It is also forbidden to remove, circumvent and / or manipulate the “copyright”, as well as the technical protection devices or information mechanisms that may contain the content. The user of this web space undertakes to respect the rights stated and to avoid any action that could harm them, and reserves in any case the right to exercise any means or legal action corresponding to him to defend his legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.

We offer the easiest and most convenient way to create legal documents for your website, as we know that these texts are a real headache for people or companies who manage or own a website on their behalf. That`s why we created this platform, with the aim of complying with regulations through legal text generators that only take a few minutes. 2022 is a year of change worldwide. Every day we have witnessed a more intense digital transformation of the company. Therefore, it is important to protect the personal data of your customers, subscribers and the community that has accompanied you since your creation. Trust is something that is earned and demonstrated. With the best legal notice generator of 2022, you can prove the importance you attach to your personal data and that the products, information products or services you offer are the best option on the market. Did you know that you can face very serious legal problems if you haven`t updated the legal documents and adapted them properly to your website or online store? Does your company`s website contain general legal texts? Have you properly adapted legal documents to the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR? The GDPR legal text generator implemented on the website helps a lot to provide simple solutions to maintain a legalized website and therefore we generate the following generators. Legal documents are dynamically generated from fully customized legal text templates that adapt to the characteristics of your page or online store. All you have to do is choose one of the legal document generators that you will find at the bottom or in the web menu, then fill out the form and finally copy or download the dynamically generated text, fully adapted to your website or online store. The Trusted Shops guarantee starts as soon as you have correctly filled in all the forms and added the legal texts on your subpages. As soon as you have created the texts with our generator, you immediately benefit from legal protection.

In Legal Box Plus, we also have a privacy policy generator in which you can include the URL generated by this legal text both in the footer of your website and in the links of the forms in which you collect personal data. Legal texts are important to ensure the security of website users` information and subsequently form an indispensable part of a website that complies with visitor data protection regulations. Every day, new email marketing or management tools or new social networks or content management platforms, etc. are on the market. All these tools, capable of managing the personal information of their users, customers, potential customers and suppliers, are vulnerable to changes in the legal texts of your website, such as the legal notice, privacy policy or cookie policy. Copy the generated legal text and paste it in the appropriate place on your website Select the Privacy Generator, Cookies, Legal, etc. Choose an available legal document generator to start creating your legal document Want peace of mind? Trusted Shops assumes full responsibility for all legal texts you create with Legal Text Generator. So you can relax.

If you sell online, your legal pages should protect your business. Our generator automatically creates the most important legal pages, such as the return policy and terms of use. They focus on sales. We went on a trip together, with all the benefits of a fingerprint generator and a privacy policy generator like Legal Box Plus. Having the legal texts of your website and e-commerce always up to date is a great peace of mind for your company`s reputation and for you. Sleep peacefully without legal worries thanks to our web legal text generator or for a traditional business. Any person who accesses this website assumes the role of user and undertakes to comply and strictly comply with the provisions set forth herein, as well as any other applicable legal provisions. I am sure that, as I prefer things, we are not talking about luxury or material things.

But he spoke to you about quality, calm and security. This is what the best legal opinion of 2022 offers you. Legal Box Plus grows and develops alongside your business thanks to the legal text generator. The use of legal text generators is completely FREE for everyone. We only ask for your cooperation so that we can continue to adapt the texts to the new rules, to create new producers of legal texts for different purposes, to adapt them to different countries, etc. The Legal Text Generator creates these pages for an online shop: In addition to legal requirements, a data protection declaration can help build trust and transparency between you and your customers. Our privacy statement generator can help you ensure that your business complies with the law and that your customers trust your business. Fill in the fields below and we`ll email you a website privacy policy tailored to your business, with suggestions and sections you can customize based on your online store setup.

First of all, QUIET! Luckily, you`ve come to the right place. Here you will solve all these problems and also in a totally FREE, EASY and FAST way. On this website, you can create the legal documents of your website or online store, fully tailored – whether personal or professional – to your company and the applicable General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. You can use the legal text generator to create the following pages: Data protection in your company is constantly evolving, because today you can collect personal data on your website just to subscribe to the newsletter you have; But tomorrow, you can add another form where you collect data for other purposes, like contacting you to learn more about your products or services, or registering on your website because you`ve implemented new features, etc.