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The Duden regularly defines words as orthographically difficult. There is even a list of matching words. The term can be found on this list and is therefore clearly difficult to spell. “It contains a set of measures to comply with market statutes as well as traffic and communication concepts and any necessary response to dangerous situations.” Leipziger Internet Zeitung, 23 November 2018 The word separation goes like this: ge|ge|be|nen|if “The announcement of the prices of MediaMarkt and Saturn is entering the home straight. And that means for you that you can expect massive price reductions and great deals both online and, if necessary, when you visit the marketplace of your choice. 4Players, March 26, 2021 “This also applies to life partners – but you may need to consider special circumstances.” Legal Tribune Online, December 20, 2019 There are other abbreviations for if necessary. These are ggb., ggbfs., if necessary. and if necessary. However, these abbreviations are not as common as they could be: .. 12) Make a statement about well-being or health status (computer) Go to something: move the mouse pointer over something and, if necessary, click or open something goes to someone: (abbreviation of:) Something is happening on someone`s account. a profession or.. Spirit: gheis- with the meaning “to shudder, to be upset, to be excited or excited”, additionally: to be frightened, moved, horrified, afraid; Originally, probably to describe the special, often intensive and possibly “Some online retailers or manufacturers operate a presence or group in which others can comment.

But is the operator perhaps responsible for their declarations? » Online retailer News, 09 July 2020 “Police are asking witnesses and, if necessary, other injured people for clues. » Bavarian Police, 31 March 2019 “Enforcement of animal health legislation On the occasion of the high risk of entry of African swine fever virus into Germany and, if necessary, we also ask for your help in our district. Der Neue Wiesentbote, 02 February 2019. “The energy transition in Germany could be threatened in the coming years. According to a report on sciencefiles.org, it could be that the electricity we produce will no longer be sufficient for the year 2022 and beyond. NEOpresse, August 21, 2020 Declension of Achmed, Examples of sentences on babili, How to separate abhanden?, Greuel (German), How to write quantum jump? Impression: impression obtained by sensory perception or emotion Origin of the term: from the French impression, from the Latin impressio for “impression”, this to be printed (for “push” or “press”), see possibly “No compensation for strikes as extraordinary circumstances – until now the principle of the regulation on air passenger rights. However, if the airline cancels a flight due to a strike at the security checkpoint, it may still have to pay, according to BGH. Online legal forum, 04. September 2018 “An issuer is a company or institution that issues securities – possibly other securitized rights – in order to raise funds.” Focus Online, February 25, 2019 Karezza: …— Hyphenation: Ka|rez|za, no plural Word meaning/definition: 1) sexual union without ejaculation, but possibly with orgasms Origin of terms: 1) Invented by Alice Bunker Stockham, physician and author Higher terms:.. “The trade unions DJV and dju in ver.di have agreed with the Association of German Magazine Publishers on a collective agreement to guarantee employment, which could include reductions in working hours and Christmas bonuses.” DWDL.de, 24 August 2020.