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The Legal Services Support Team enhances the operational readiness of active and reserve personnel by providing high-quality criminal and administrative legal services, as well as legal assistance to military members (active and retired) and their dependents. The command`s legal training teams are available upon request for Marine Corps Base and tenant commandos. Please contact the Chief Legal Officer at (808) 257-7801 to make an appointment with a letter. The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice from a lawyer or the legal aid organization. This website is intended to provide a general overview of civil laws and basic ordinances affecting service and family members stationed at the Hawaii Marine Corps base. You should use this website as a tool to avoid legal difficulties before they develop. If you access this website before taking any action, you should be able to make informed decisions. Avoiding a legal problem is always more desirable than trying to resolve a dispute after it has arisen. If you still have questions or are unsure after reading some of the documents in this document, you should contact the Legal Aid Office.

The information in this guide is based on local laws and regulations and is current to October 2020. Use of this guide outside of the State of Hawaii is not recommended. The legal department is now open to personal services. Our current legal services from 18. October 2021 are as follows: Creating a Family Care Plan – For assistance with the requirements of your family care plan, please contact our office. We will assess your needs, draft powers of attorney and make an appointment with a lawyer if necessary. Office of the Staff Judge Advocate The Office of the Judge Advocate at Minot Air Force Base provides high-quality legal advice and expertise in civil, contract, labour, environmental, claims and military justice for criminal court martial and extrajudicial proceedings. The office also provides legal assistance to military personnel, retirees and their family members in personal and non-criminal matters. The law firm provides free legal services and advice to all active employees and their dependents, as well as reservists and active federal guards and their dependents. In addition, retired staff members, their dependants and dependants may also be provided with legal assistance, subject to the availability of facilities and staff. Lawyers and paralegals can assist authorized staff with wills, powers of attorney, notarial services, or advice on personal civil matters such as adoption, landlord-tenant matters, tax assistance, and consumer law matters. Legal aid officers are licensed lawyers hired by the Air Force to advise and advise members on personal legal matters.

Address (location) – Our office is located in the 87 Wing Base Headquarters building, to the left of the McGuire Main Gate. (For GPS purposes: Enter the McGuire Dix Lakehurst Common Base. As soon as you walk through the main gate, turn left into the large parking lot. We are the last building in the parking lot. We are a two-storey, cream-colored building (building 2901). Legal advice – In-person and telephone appointments are currently available for legal advice to all eligible individuals. This includes AD members, dependents, guards/reservists with a mission of more than 30 days, and retirees. Legal advice includes appointments to discuss civil law matters permitted by our IFA.

Common legal advice topics include: landlord-tenant issues, divorce or separation, child custody and support, other family relationship issues, legal name changes, consumer fraud, identity theft, motor vehicle issues, etc. The Legal Service continues to give priority to all military personnel who require pre- and post-deployment assistance. If you are deployed and need to prepare legal documents, please provide your deployment schedule when making an appointment. For questions and appointments, please call 609-754-2010 and, if we do not respond, leave a message. Our voicemail is checked regularly and phone messages are usually returned the same day or at the latest within 1-2 business days. You can also send your requests to our office organization: 87ABW.JA. LegalOffice@us.af.mil. Power of Attorney and Notarial Services – The law firm offers walk-in services for up to 3 powers of attorney or notary signatures.

Walk-in days for these services are every Tuesday and Wednesday (service days) from 1130 to 1330 and Friday from 1200 to 1330. For real estate notaries and other multi-notarial forms or for more than 3 powers of attorney, please call the office to make an appointment. Appointments can also be made if our walk-in tours are not suitable for you. A provision in a contract that states that a party`s acceptance of the contract is subject to approval by the party`s head office, a principal representative of the business, or another authorized representative. Walk-in legal assistance Thu: 0830-1030, or by appointment Power of attorney and notarial services Mon-Fri: 0830-1630 Wills and health directives By appointment only CLIENT FEEDBACK SURVEY. If you think you need special victim advocacy, contact the VC directly: Legal Counsel: (808) 257-6738 Defense: (808) 257-7088 Litigation Services: (808) 257-6749/6750 Administrative Law: (808) 257-6743 Mailing Address: 2901 Falcon Lane, JB MDL, NJ 08641 Reception opening hours Mon-Fri: 0830-1600 [Closed for training on Thursdays at 15:00] Office hours: 0730 to 1500 Monday to Friday (except holidays) Please read our mutual legal assistance appointment, Power of Attorney and Notary Information for specific times for walk-in services and appointments. Wills and Estate Planning Services: Wills services are currently available to all eligible members and retirees, with priority given to members appointed within sixty days. 475 Summit Drive (Pride Building), Suite 222-701-723-1868 The Victim Advocate (VC) handles sexual assault cases. VC`s role is to advocate for victims and clients.